Saturday, April 17, 2010

Picking up the blog again, with an expanded scope

OK, so I've been watching the whole social networking phenomenon develop more or less from the sidelines, and just decided that maybe it's time to resume the blog and expand the scope and nature of the postings.

Up until now, the primary purpose of this blog has been focused on golf, and supporting my sideline business (shameless plug).

Some recent changes have caused me to consider resuming the blog, and continue to observe the world of golf, but also to widen the scope to include my other (numerous) and diverse interests, which include business, music and other sports. I may even tap dance with a little political commentary from time to time, depending upon my mood...but don't hold your breath...

TimeForeTee has always been a play on words, and since one of my nicknames has always been "Tee" and my surname begins with "T", it only seems natural to wrap even more of my life in this little wrapper that's been lying dormant for awhile.

More to come soon - on with the fun...